Dear Customers and Friends,

we would like to inform you that we have activated an internal Schotte COVID19-protocol with immediate effect.

We have carefully defined appropriate measures to avoid new corona infections and to ensure the stability of our supply chains.

We are convinced that the current challenge will make our Team even stronger.

We feel prepared and hope that together we will pass this historic test safely and with a proper hands-on attitude.

For emergency please use our 24/7 hotline under:
+49 (0)2324 977 977 77.

All the best to you and your Families! Best regards

Jan Mach - General Manager / Owner –

+49 (0) 23 24 / 97 79 77 00

Corporate culture

I. Entrepreneurial standards
We are convinced that the future existence of our company will only be assured, if we continue to satisfy our interest partners’ requirements to their full extent. This includes the continued development of our skills and competencies. To achieve this, we built a learning organization putting the satisfaction of our partner’s interests at the centre of our thinking and acting. Central values to this purpose are:

Determination for performance in all domains. We combine our technological, economic and ecologic expertise to the maximum advantage of our interest partners.

Creation of values. We act according to the values of our partners, shareholders and the society we live in. Our basic values are a consistent preservation of resources and an effective cost management.

Value enhancement. The enhancement of values is a benchmark for our actions. This includes focusing on our strengths as well as on new investments into business areas promising a high increase in values.

II. Social standards
We want to contribute to the future and well-being of the society we are part of.
Of special meaning to us are:

Ethical norms: We aim for a high standard of ethical behaviour. All employees of Schotte Automotive are urged to act upon their own responsibility and to apply their judgement honestly and fairly. The professional position in the company should not be misused to a personal advantage. Every employee must be aware of being a role model within the company and should act accordingly.

Ecology: Environmental protection is an integrated part of our corporate policy and is inseparably connected to our actions. Every employee is obliged to protect the environment actively through his or her decisions and actions.

Lawful behaviour: All business decisions and actions are strictly based on the according laws.

III. Interest partners
Our entrepreneurial and social standards shape our contacts with clients, partners, employees, owners, authorities and the society.

Clients: We contribute to the success of our clients by providing the best service and quality and through highest flexibility. To this purpose we carefully identify our client’s needs and realize them through our processes.

Partners: We strive for a long term strategic cooperation with our partners in a joint supply chain based on common values.

Employees: We challenge and promote our employee’s abilities. To this purpose we agree on internal goals to convey a sense of achievement when these goals are achieved. We follow the proposals and ideas of our employees contributing to the realization of our corporate goals.

Especially important are:

• High determination for performance
• Ability to learn and adaptability
• Teamwork
• Initiative
• Personal responsibility
• Ecological awareness

Owners: We preserve and expand a healthy and competitive company.

Authorities: We maintain an open and constructive cooperation with the public authorities.

Society: We respect ecological and economical interests and we want to be a harmonic partner to our neighbours.

All named interest partners are part of an open and transparent chain of communication.

IV. Implementation
The implementation of our corporate policy is the premise for assuring the future existence and independence of our company, for the generation of profit and for the satisfaction of our interest partners. The executive board and all employees are obliged to actively implement this corporate policy. They evaluate the achievement of the agreed aims regularly.

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